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Education, Advocacy, and Policy


To develop art therapy research education curriculum and pedagogical approaches that employ meaningful, engaging, ways of teaching that are aligned with art therapy research needs while being responsive and accessible to a wide range of art therapy students, clinicians, and researchers.

Action Items:

  1. Survey art therapy students and faculty as to their knowledge, skills, and challenges in teaching and learning art therapy research. 
  2. Convene educators to develop curriculum and pedagogies that teach research thinking, skills, and instill confidence in conducting art therapy research aligned with a critical art therapy worldview, multiple methods, advocacy, and socially just approaches. 
  3. Establish ethical policies and procedures that increase access/platforms to art therapy research, emphasize art therapy research collaborations/replication, inclusive, and incentives for different forms of arts-based research. 
  4. Include issues related to advocacy for the field and policy development as an essential aspect of research practice and curriculum.
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