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Research Projects in Progress

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The Metaphor Project

The Metaphor Project was developed as part of the Art Therapy Research Strategic Plan.  It is situated in the category of Art Therapy Evidence.   In this category we are exploring th e identification of forms of evidence that are aligned with art therapy ways of knowing. Even though some forms of evidence measure effectiveness and are essential for our field,  there are other forms of evidence that capture the  depth and meaning of our work with our clients.  Metaphoric meaning is a viable form of evidence that can inform our clients and their therapists of changes in perception, thought, emotions, and integration.   

We have two aspects of this project:
1.   The Use of Metaphor within Art Therapy: A survey was  distributed to art therapists about how they view and use art therapy in their practice. Responses wer quantitative, qualitative and arts-based.  A manuscript is being submitted for publication about this part of our project. (You can see the survey below although it is currently closed)
2.  Critical Review of the Literature: We are conducting a critical and systematic review of the literaure on definitions and applications of metaphors  to identify how we can use them as evidence.

Dear Art Therapists,

We would love your insights and ideas on the use of Metaphor within Art Therapy! We are partnering with LaTrobe University in this first phase of the project--the survey. We hope that you can take the time to participate in this anonymous online research survey through the link or QR code below. The study closes on the 13th of January 2024. Your contribution to research is greatly appreciated!  


Ps. There is an option in the survey to upload an image of your work reflecting on the use of metaphor within your practice. This may be something that you would like to do prior to engaging with the survey but is completely optional 

Many thanks!

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